• I’ve been dying to lay on my couch since I came home from the hospital. Doctor told me the couch was off limits, no support and way to low. 
My kids have these caterpillar pillows. It’s a 5 sectioned, zip up case that holds 5 regular sized pillows. I laid one over the recliner to make it easier to get in and out of. Today, it dawned on me, I could use the other one on the short couch! 
Finally, I can LAY ON MY COUCH and watch tv instead of sitting upright and being terribly uncomfortable. 
If I’m laying, I have to alternate between back and side, frequently. I also must have a pillow between my legs at all times to keep my back even. 
I’m not “in pain” anymore, it’s all just new feelings and sensations that I’m trying to get used too. I’m so stiff I could scream and the nerves “waking up” in my leg is more annoying than painful. I have significant numbness down my leg to my foot. My hip hurts like a mother fucker and when I walk, it’s short, very slow strides. Every once in a while I feel a dulled aching in my low back that I’ve never felt before. Not sure if that’s from the surgery or if it’s from my fall down the stairs the other day. 
It’s post-op day #12 and I have been off the pain meds since day #7. I’m hoping she will release me to drive when I see her Tuesday. 
But today, I finally figured out a way to lay on my freakin couch to watch tv! Little victories like this make me happy, even when I can’t find someone to take me to Target cuz that’s where I wanted to go today. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #surgeryrecovery #backsurgery #littlevictories #spondylolisthesis #spondylife #recovery #spinalcordinjury #spinaldecompression #spinalstenosis #spinalfusionrecovery #spinalcordinjuryrecovery #spinalfusion #itsalongroad #healing #iwanttogototarget #pamperhappy
  • Fat Cat’s sister, Ugly Cat is not ugly all the time. Lola kitty thinks the chair is a good headrest. 
#lolakitty #uglycat #catsofinstagram #troublemaker #lapcat
  • Recovery is hard. 😔
#surgeryrecovery #recoverysucks
  • Sofie made herself comfortable in Abi’s American Girl Doll bed. 
#ififitsisits #sofiecat #pamperedcat
  • My fat little pumpkin is the best lap cat, ever! I’m not allowed to pick up anything more than 5-8 pounds so I can’t pick her up. I want to squeeze her when she jumps up to lay with me. Can you see the drop of water by her mouth? 
She is attached to my daughter so I have to get my time in with her while Abs is at school. 😻
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  • Day 5 Post-Op: 
Feel like major setbacks occurred overnight. Woke up unable to log roll to get out of bed, needed to ice because I was stiff as a board. Pain is through the roof! 
I have trapped gas and desperately need to walk. It’s snowing so walking outside is off limits. My sister thinks I have postoperative ileus, I sure have all the symptoms! I’ve been walking around the house all day and already took one nap. 
Trying some Ginger Root tea to see if it helps get the digestion going. I feel like another nap is coming. 
Today is a bad day. 😔🥺
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  • Getting discharged on Day 4, I’m ridiculously bloated still. Check out my new wheels, I told Al I was going to decorate it with glitter 😂
Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. 🛏 
#spondylolisthesis #spondysurgery #nomorepain #timetoheal #nodriving #nobending #nolifting #notwisting #mynewlife
  • I can’t drink enough water! Non-stop refills by my nurses. A couple of them remarked, “I can’t believe how much water you drink” 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
#day4 #spondylolisthesis #spinesurgery #recovery #loadsofpain