• It says, “When Cardinals appear your loved one is near”. I absolutely might just shed a tear every day I look at it, but my desk is where it will stay. 
This couldn’t be a more perfect gift from @ljgcandles and I’m so grateful to have her as a friend. Thank you so much Rachael ❤️
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  • Current state of mind, behind the “fine”
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  • A painted red rock with “Love Your Famly” written on it, that isn’t all this is. 
This is what James found last night after he learned of his great-grandma’s passing. He was at his sisters cheer practice and went to the park with a friend. 
I was told he said “I think I’m going to take this for my mom, something sad happened today.” This rock now has a place in my kitchen and will forever be a reminder to “Love Your Family”
❤️You Gramma!
  • My Grandma LOVED Cardinals, or as she would call them all the time, “red birds”. She loved looking for them outside and collecting things with red birds on them. 
It wasn’t until I was older that I learned of the symbolism related to this beautiful Cardinal. 
We should have suspected her end was near, as about 2 hours before she took her last breath, a beautiful red bird appeared at the window, looking in at my sister. We should have known Papa was here to get her and show her the way. 
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and my family these last few days. Words can not express what your words, thoughts and prayers have meant for us. 
Good-bye for now, Grandma. Thank you for your unconditional love, humor, wit, your stories, your delicious cooking, your singing voice and  amazing back scratching nails. I can’t forget the middle finger pictures! Keep an eye out for us, you know how rowdy we like to get. I Love You eternally. 😘❤️
  • Ever hear someone say “stay strong” when you are dealing with death of someone you love? 
What does that even mean? 
Staying strong does not allow for proper grieving. You MUST grieve, it’s necessary for your mind and spirit to go on. Cry those tears, say those swear words, laugh, get angry, go through all the stages of grief! Doesn’t matter how you do it, just allow yourself the time to do it.
  • Ice and tens unit, again! I’m telling you, PT isn’t going to fix this, why don’t doctors listen??? But I’m humoring my Orthopedic Surgeon. Can’t wait for injections later this month.