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  • Yep! Totally me today and probably the rest of the summer. 
You know my patience is gone with humans when I say out loud, to myself, “just shut up!” to the kid in the next aisle over from me in Target that won’t stop repeating himself! 😂
It’s not just my kids that are making me nuts, it’s adults too! 😤
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  • We took the kids to see @imaginedragons in Tinley Park on Friday. Holy wow! They are incredible live! We had so much fun, the kids loved it. 
The people behind us, not so much. The guy kept staring at us and then left when my kids stood on the seats to see. His wife stayed and sat the whole time. 
Can’t wait to see them again, they are on the repeat concert list for sure!
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  • Poolside with my English Toffee Java Momma, 20 oz of water and my baby Bose. 
My backyard looks like Fred Sanford’s at the moment but when I close my eyes, I’m not here. ☕️ 💦 🎵 🏊‍♀️ #coffee #javamomma #coolbeans #pamperedbeans #stayhydrated #bosesoundlink #rbf #grandchampion #coffeecupsfordays #summerjam #myvibe #myspaceoutside #poolside #fredsanfordyard #thursdayvibes #takemeawayfromhere #sassysuite #suiteheartland #pamperhappy
  • I spent a lot of time dreaming while I was off Facebook since May. 
Dreaming about what I really want to do with my time, about how I can make enough money and work from home. Dreaming about my future and trying to make a plan for it. 
I often times think I might be a little A.D.D. because I can’t stay focused on one thing long enough to complete it. The one thing that I kept coming back to was my blog. It’s been sort of a thorn in my side since I took it live in 2017. 
It started as a Direct Sales blog and I immediately hated it. Nothing inside of me screamed “go write”. Looking back I never thought I was good enough to be blogging. I enjoyed my direct sales businesses but not enough to blog about them. 
My time off the book allowed me to see what I really wanted without anyone clouding my thoughts. There was no one in my face to compare myself to and no one to tell me my dream was unrealistic. 
My dream is to work from home making a REAL income. An income I’m not turning around and spending on inventory. An income that will pay for my kids sports and allow me to be here for them to get them on the bus and off the bus everyday.  An income that supplements my husband’s and will get us out of debt and stop us from literally living paycheck to paycheck. 
I realized I’m not meant to work for someone else. My dream is much bigger than I have ever realized and it’s scary but excites me. 
I’m really happy things have started falling into place over the last few weeks. It all started with @prettydarncutedesign when I found my new blog theme. It was a spark that lit inside of me immediately. For the first time in forever I felt creative and ready to create new content. 
Thankfully my house was built after doing Blogging Bootcamp with @sassysuite and all I had to do was remodel the inside.
I started looking into monetizing my blog and the potential that is there that will give me the income I’m looking for. But it all starts with me. 
My dream is bigger than its ever been and I’m ready. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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I am spending tooooo much time with my sweet, adorable, smart kids. TOO MUCH FREAKING TIME!

Thanks @thedad for posting this and for @kidsaretheworst for sharing!
  • Sofie drew a beautiful picture! 
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  • My husband frequently says “I just want to be happy” (in regards to our relationship) but he never changes anything to make it easier to actually BE happy. 
I am always working on my mindset. Sure I fall back into bad habits sometimes but I am always working to make myself better than I was yesterday. Sometimes just speaking it into existence isn’t enough. You have to actually put in mindful efforts.
I never realized how much mindset affected me until a year or so ago. Looking back at several years of my recent life, I allowed so much negativity in. I allowed things and people to affect my mood and in turn was a miserable person. I don’t have enough time left on this earth to be miserable. My life is half over, if I’m lucky. I know I am much better off working on my own mindset than trying to change others. 
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